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With Pull Dog Harness | Best Dog Harness for Golden Retriever, Boston Terrier, Boxer

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Easy On, Easy Off

Say goodbye to your complicated heavy-duty harness that's a hassle to take on and off. You know, the ones that cause your fur baby to cower and squirm every time you put the safety restraint and padded chest plate on. Plus, forget about reaching for that buckle at the front of the harness or hooking up the double-ended leash to the leash attachment point on the dog's back.

As you can see, our harness slides on all dog breeds easily in about two seconds flat. Just slide it on, get a good fit on the chest plate/strap, and close the buckle and you're ready to go. Multiple points of adjustment make it as easy as putting on a seat belt. Unlike other harnesses, the straps won’t dig into the dog's armpit.

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XXXS: Suitable for the pet weight 0.5kgs~2kgs,XXS: Suitable for the pet weight 2kgs~3.5kgs,XS: Suitable for the pet weight 3.5kgs~7kgs,S: Suitable for the pet weight 7kgs~10kgs,M: Suitable for the pet weight 10kgs~15kgs,L: Suitable for the pet weight 15kgs~22.5kgs
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